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Streamline your recruitment with AI analysis and Comprehensive reporting for each candidate..


Expert-Crafted Interview Experiences

skillHouse | Curated by Industry Leaders

Smart Interview Templates

Quickly set up effective interviews with expert-designed questions, ensuring a high-quality, efficient candidate assessment process.

Skillhouse | AI-Powered Feedback

Dynamic Video Interviews

Evaluate candidates' responses, communication skills, and body language in a comprehensive video format for deeper insights.

skillhouse | Real-World Simulation

AI-Powered Candidate Insights

AI analyzes responses, providing objective scores for each question and the overall interview, with the option for manual review.

skillhouse | Real-World Simulation

Instant Interview Summaries

Get a quick, AI-generated overview of interviews, highlighting key insights for faster, more informed decision-making.

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Corporate Hiring

Revolutionizing Corporate Recruitment: AI-Powered Interviews

Streamline your hiring process with our AI-assisted platform. Conduct unmanned video interviews, evaluate candidates efficiently, and accelerate your recruitment cycle.

Banks, BPO & Outsourcing

Transforming Talent Acquisition in BFSI & BPO Sector

Leverage AI to conduct high-volume interviews in the Banking, Financial Services, BPO, and Outsourcing sectors. Save time, reduce costs, and hire
the best talent faster.

Colleges and Universities

Empowering Students with AI-Driven Mock Interviews

Equip your students for the competitive job market with AI-powered mock interviews. Get detailed reports and evaluations to improve their performance and boost their confidence.

EdTech Companies

Enhancing Learning Outcomes with AI-Based Assessments

Improve your educational offerings with our AI platform. Conduct session assessments, prepare students for interviews, and provide detailed feedback to drive their success.

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